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Russell Crowe Reveals He Broke Both His Legs Filming Movie—And Didn't Realize For 10 Years

The Oscar winner told 'People' magazine how he discovered he'd fractured his legs while filming the 2010 movie 'Robin Hood' after a trip to the doctor a decade later.

Russell Crowe
Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Russell Crowe spilled some behind-the-scenes beans about filming 'Robin Hood' in 2010.

In a recent chat with People, he revealed that a stunt during the movie actually broke both his legs, and he didn't realize it until ten years later.

How? He jumped off a castle without any padding because they were rushing to get the shot before the light faded. Despite the pain, he kept it to himself, not even taking a day off for the last tough month of filming.

Fast forward a decade and strange leg pains led him to a doctor, who found out both his legs were broken during that daring jump. No cast, no splints—just Crowe's dedication to his craft. Talk about enduring for art!

People immediately started speculating about the true nature of the "broken" legs.

Some people were incredulous that this was even possible.

Others said that the film's insurance company wouldn't have allowed that to happen.

People who had multiple injuries like Crowe's chimed in to defend him.

Others saw different possibilities.

But really, the best response was just the visceral reaction that people had when imagining continuing to go to work with two broken legs.

Maybe he's hoping for a sequel?

Nevertheless, people admired how he persevered through the grueling shoot.

The actor also reportedly shaved his beard for the first time since 2019, possibly related to a planned tour this summer.