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A Typo In Rudy Guiliani's Latest Tweet Led To An Onslaught Of Replies He Probably Wasn't Expecting 😬

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images, @PRubyruby01 (Twitter)

Rudy Giuliani slipped up on Twitter.

We like to think it was a Freudian slip, but whatever it was, Guiliani made a pretty hilarious typo.

Check it out.

"There is a moron on Fox claiming I chain smoke cigarettes worrying about the President's tweets. Don't smoke cigarettes. Hate 'me. Smoke only premium cigars and I hope this idiot is not a lawyer because if he is he should sue his Law School."

As you can see, instead of writing, "hate 'em" to express his dislike of cigarettes, Giuliani wrote "hate 'me".

The tweet came after Michael Caputo and Jonah Goldberg appeared on Megan MacCallum's show on Fox News. They discussed whether or not they thought the President's tweets would have an affect on the Mueller investigation.

While on the subject, Goldberg joked,

"I'm sure that Rudy Giuliani spends big chunks of his days chain-smoking cigarettes, white-knuckling it, just hoping another tweet doesn't show up…"

Giuliani attempted to defend himself on Twitter, but his efforts were ultimately foiled after people noticed his typo.

But Twitter likes what's written.

Let's just hope this tweet is a preview of Giuliani's defense skills.

H/T: HuffPost, Mediaite