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Rudy Apparently Farted So Loudly His Mic Picked It Up—And His Fellow Lawyer's Reaction Is All Of Us


It seems nothing can go right for Rudy Giuliani as he travels the country, spewing false claims the election was stolen from President Donald Trump.

Usually, Giuliani's bizarre ramblings are the most embarrassing part of his appearances but that was not the case in Michigan on Wednesday, December 2.

At one point, while Giuliani was addressing the gathered legislators, he farted so loudly that it was caught on microphone.

Giuliani's fart was so loud it also caught the attention of the woman seated next to him.

Twitter was filled to the brim with jokes about the Giuliani fart.

For many people, this was one of Giuliani's more coherent moments.

This viral video is the perfect bookend to a chaotic 2020.

After these days are long behind us, at least we'll have these Giuliani fart memes to remember the good times.

Sorry, Rudy! The internet would probably be more forgiving of your flatulence if you weren't spreading misinformation on behalf of a President who refuses to concede.