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Celebrity Reactions And Jokes Are Flying In After News Of The Birth Of Meghan And Harry's Baby

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The birth of a royal baby proved to be the major talking point on Twitter on Monday. Let me start by saying that I do understand that the birth of the baby into a Monarchy that's not even related to this country being the talk of the day might seem intense, but I'm happy for my girl Meghan, and babies are cute.

So, the facts: the Duchess of Sussex gave birth at 5.26 on Monday morning to an as yet unnamed boy weighing 7lb 3oz.

The news was confirmed by Prince Harry in the afternoon, although the alerts on all British phones gave some people a moment or two of confusion.

Harry revealed he had not had much sleep and some viewers thought it might be catching up with him as he appeared to thank the horses in the stables behind him after speaking to reporters.

Harry and Meghan's baby was born into one great British institution in the Royal Family, and another – Paddington Bear – was on hand to celebrate. (This bear is a British national treasure)

There was a take from Ellen DeGeneres.

And fellow American TV star Ryan Seacrest was among many social media users taking the opportunity to make a Game Of Thrones reference. Because we're still not over yesterday's episode.

To many people, the thing that stuck out from the day was Harry's expression of admiration for his wife and for women in general.

For others, it was simply the creation of one fantastically wealthy baby.

Either way congratulations to the new parents, and good luck!

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