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One Writer's Tale Of How Two Rotten Chicken Breasts Came To Be Under Her Mattress Is Truly A Fable For Our Time 😂


Writer Jill Twiss, best known for her work on HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and for her much loved children's book A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, took to Twitter to share what might be considered too much information.

Twiss shared with her followers a rather hysterical and slightly embarrassing tale involving root canals, smelly chicken breasts, and pain meds. It may sound gross, but let's be real; it could happen to the best of us, and we relate.

And so the saga begins —

Anyone who has ever been in pain from a root canal understand.

Who doesn't want to sleep in a Batmobile bed?

This could get awkward.

Surprisingly, others had chicken stories of their own.

And for those who are wondering.

Message received. We will fill those ice trays.

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