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Roseanne Barr Implores 'MAGA-dor' Trump To 'Kill The Godd*mn Bull' In Bonkers Rally Rant

The comedian also said she's 'fed up with the deep state bullsh*t' at the Trump rally in Hialeah, Florida.

Roseanne Barr Implores 'MAGA-dor' Trump To 'Kill The Godd*mn Bull' In Bonkers Rally Rant

Comedian Roseanne Barr raised eyebrows after she implored "MAGA-dor" former President Donald Trump—a play off the word "matador" that typically refers to bullfighters—to "kill the godd*mn bull" and end "the deep state bullsh*t."

Barr issued her bizarre remarks during a Trump rally in Hialeah, Florida that was covered by pro-Trump media outlet Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN). Trump had chosen to hold the rally rather than attend this week's GOP presidential debate, marking the third time he's declined to participate since kicking off his beleaguered 2024 re-election campaign.

She proceeded to lead the crowd in a call-and-response that she said was inspired by the jacket she was wearing at the time.

You can hear what she said in the video below.

Barr, like many MAGA adherents, seemed utterly convinced that Trump's re-election would lead to a global reckoning over "the deep state," a widely discredited conspiracy theory that claims the existence of a clandestine group of actors who exercise power from within high levels of government, finance, and industry in the United States.

She said:

[displaying her jacket] "I want to show you this jacket that my friend made. And look at this here. Look at this."
"Trump is the MAGA-dor! Yeah, and that’s that deep state bull!"
"So that kind of went along with my thing for president. I will outlaw bullsh*t. But I want to say right now. Aren’t we all tired of the Deep State bullsh*t?"

As the crowd cheered, she added:

"I can’t hear you. I want you to say it louder. Aren’t we all fed up with the Deep State bullsh*t?"

Barr's display exposed her to immediate criticism and mockery online.

During the rally, Trump expressed his unwavering commitment to "fight to save the America we love," a declaration that was cheered by his supporters.

He chose to take the stage after other Republican candidates, who'd gathered for the debate, had already begun making their cases for the GOP nomination, wasting no time in addressing the crowd, launching into a critique of the policies of "crooked Joe Biden," as he characterized them.

In addition to Barr, the event featured an appearance by Arkansas Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who previously served as Trump's White House Press Secretary. Hialeah Mayor Esteban Bovo also joined Trump on stage and announced a proposal to rename a street in Hialeah as "Donald Trump Way."