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The Rock Just Weighed In On Elmo's Feud With Pet Rock By Threatening To Kick Cookie Monster's A**

The Rock Just Weighed In On Elmo's Feud With Pet Rock By Threatening To Kick Cookie Monster's A**
Paul Zimmerman/WireImage/GettyImages; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for DJ/GettyImages, Ben Hider/Getty Images

The Rock is going back in the ring for the ultimate smackdown with...Cookie Monster?

The answer is yes because it's 2022–a year of fresh starts where anything is possible.

The former WWE star took to Twitter and declared he planned to head down to Sesame Street "to kick ass and eat cookies," which would mean he would have to get past Ameria's favorite, blue-furred cookie chomper.

The threat started over a longtime feud between Sesame Street's Elmo and his bestie, Zoe’s inanimate pet rock, Rocco.

A confused Elmo lost his mind when in a 2004 episode of Sesame Street, Zoe refused to give him a cookie because she insisted Rocco wanted to eat it.

In the resurfaced clip that became viral, Elmo exclaimed in response to being denied a cookie:

“How? How is Rocco going to eat that cookie, Zoe? Tell Elmo. Rocco doesn’t even have a mouth."
“Rocco is just a rock. Rocco is not alive.”

The beloved–albeit, bitter Muppet–grumbled over on Twitter:

“Has anybody ever seen a rock eat a cookie Elmo is just curious?"

Who can blame him?

It's a valid question.

Enter Dwayne Johnson–a.k.a. The Rock–who responded to Elmo's complaint.

Johnson tweeted:

"Yes, my friend."

"This Rock devours cookie."

"All kinds of cookies I’ll introduce you to #CheatMeals and it’ll change your life."

And then he had words for Cookie Monster.

"Tell Cookie Monster to move it over, cuz I’m coming to Sesame Street to kick ass and eat cookies. And I’m almost all outta cookies. ~ Rock."

The Rock's tweet racked up over 75 million likes and over a thousand responses–including one from Cookie Monster, who quickly agreed to the challenge.

And people had strong reactions.

Some had a problem with the use of the "A word" in the context of a family show.

Others, however, grabbed their popcorn.

Some Twitter users used Elmo memes, even though the battle is The Rock vs. Cookie Monster.

Because why not make it a free-for-all?

It sounds like The Rock's craving for cookies is as intense as Cookie Monster's.

They may have to duke it out.

Who will be the ultimate chomp-ian in this overbaked battle?

We'll have to see how the cookie crumbles.