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The RNC Got More Than Expected After Asking Twitter to Tell Trump Their Priorities

The RNC Got More Than Expected After Asking Twitter to Tell Trump Their Priorities
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The Republican National Committee thought it would be a swell idea to use Twitter as the platform for the American public to tell Donald Trump their priorities.

"The President is listening," tweeted the RNC. "Let him know your priorities here."

Most of the responses were not what they were expecting, and we can't help but think the RNC should have known better.

The tweet prompted people to click through to the official GOP website, where they would fill out a 32-question survey titled "Listening to America."

Most of the questions were in multiple-choice format and included:

  • Do you feel that you cannot publicly admit that you support Trump?
  • Do you believe that the Second Amendment is unfairly targeted as the reason for increased gun violence?
  • Do you support President Trump's temporary restriction on immigration from terrorism-compromised countries?
  • Are you concerned by the potential spread of Sharia Law?
  • Is Russia a concern to you?

The final question invited readers to share their thoughts on what Trump should know: "What else do you think the President needs to know about the real America? We're listening."

Upon completion of the survey, Americans were asked to make a contribution, "to help us enact our America First agenda and fend off vicious attacks."

Twitter did not hold back with their responses. In fact, users unloaded on the RNC. While some of the responses were sarcastic or included humorous memes, they were rooted in the truth.

This user thought his health needed some attention.

The same user called out a big NRA supporter.

Could it be just a matter of time?

Is Trump waiting for the right time?

He's already seeking greener pastures anyway. Wouldn't the country be doing him a favor?

Clearly, there couldn't be just one suggestion. That last one is a no-brainer.

There was one popular suggestion that appeared repeatedly in the thread.

So, maybe Trump won't be all ears based on the results of this survey.

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