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Rita Wilson Put Her Golden Globes Hair And Makeup Artist On Blast After He Showed Up Hours Late

P. Lehman/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Apparently, powerful celebrities face catastrophes and all out panic before big events too.

Makes you wonder about what unseen insanity goes down for all those beautiful, well-dressed people on the red carpet.

Guess those fabulous dress and clutch get-ups are only the tips of icebergs.

This year, the Golden Globes proved most panic-inducing for none other than Rita Wilson.

But really, the award show itself wasn't the true culprit here.

It was Wilson's temporary snubbing at the hands of her hair and makeup artist.


Wilson, who starred in films like Jingle All the Way and Sleepless in Seattle, took to social media to vent frustrations and keep the masses updated about the no-show.

See her Instagram post here:

She bounced from Instagram over to Twitter to engage in a little therapeutic alarm sounding.

Or venting.

Nothing screams complete panic like a triple tweet over the course of 9 minutes.


In the midst of Wilson's frantic 2 hours spent wondering where the hair and makeup person was, she received support.

But also got criticism for taking the situation so seriously.

Ultimately, the person did show up.

Rita was set to go, looking wonderful this year on the red carpet with husband, Tom Hanks.

Wilson included some of her previous year's looks as well.

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