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PHOTO: Sweater With Reindeers Having Sex Causes Uproar at School

PHOTO: Sweater With Reindeers Having Sex Causes Uproar at School

A school in Plymouth, England issued an apology after an image of a sweater that featured reindeer in an unexpectedly-sexual position circulated, resulting in an outcry from parents.

The image, which was sent as part of an online newsletter sent out by Hyde Park Junior School, was meant to promote a charity "Christmas jumper day" in which students were encouraged to "jazz up" their school uniforms with festive sweaters.

You know, sweaters that look like they're showing reindeer mating. That sort of thing.

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Apparently, the positioning of the reindeer is just coincidental, but it was enough to cause a stir among parents. One concerned parent reportedly commented: "I'm a bit shocked that a primary school have sent out a newsletter with an inappropriate picture. Something to make you laugh?"

The school, which has a student population of 360, took the newsletter off of their website, and headmistress Tina Jackson issued an apology, saying: "Unfortunately we didn't look closely enough at the picture we used to show our support for Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Friday. We're sorry if it has offended anyone and hope it doesn't spoil our good intention of encouraging pupils to support a very worthy cause."

After the news hit social media, many liberal-minded parents vocalized their shock at the backlash:

After all, kids have to learn about the birds and the bees at some point, right?

One parent wrote on Facebook: "Crikey, obviously kids have been to the zoo and seen animals mounting each other? Or has mummy or daddy even taken them out for the day in the country, whereas cows and a bull are sometimes seen to mount on top of another? If anyone owns a dog, I am sure they've had a laugh of watching it trying to mate another dog -or even a furry coat!"

Most people seemed just to find the whole thing hilarious, however:

That sweater is sure to be a hot seller this Christmas season. Bring on the ugly Christmas sweater parties!

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