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Radio Station Faces Backlash For Planning To Air Logan Paul Interview Ahead Of Boxing Match

BBC 1 Radio video/Twitter, @niamh_stamper/Twitter

BBC Radio 1 is coming under fire from Twitter users who don't appreciate their choice of guests.

YouTube personality Logan Paul is scheduled to appear on BBC Radio 1 Thursday night, but many fans aren't happy about it. Paul, who garnered worldwide fame after posting a video of a dead body he stumbled across in Japan's suicide forest, is to appear on The 8th with Charlie Sloth to discuss an upcoming amateur boxing match with British YouTube personality KSI.

When asked about the controversial guest, BBC 1 said:

Charlie is used to handling controversial guests on his late night show.

That may be true, but is it enough of an explanation for listeners? Judging by the Twitter response, our guess would be no.

The backlash was swift.

Although, there were a few who felt that Paul has apologized and deserves a second chance.

It seems that the majority of fans will be turning off the radio that night.