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QOTSA's Josh Homme Shares Apology Letter Anthony Bourdain Wrote To His Young Daughter

Owen Hoffmann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images, @queensofthestoneage/Instagram

On Friday, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme posted a letter on Instagram that the late Anthony Bourdain wrote to his daughter Camille.

Apparently Homme's young daughter—pre-grammar school—was upset when she saw footage from a promo clip of Bourdain smashing a guitar she thought was her daddy's against a tree. In actuality, the guitar was merely a prop.

In the letter, Bourdain apologizes for upsetting her and explains his actions before extolling the virtues of her father, who was also a longtime friend.

In the caption, Homme states, "Tony, I miss you bad…you apologized to a little girl who was defending her daddy. Ariane, this was your father. Humbly yours, Joshua."

The letter quickly went viral and effected fans of both Bourdain and Homme.

Here it is:

The pain from Bourdain's suicide is still fresh and for many, reading the letter just reignited their grief:

Twitter users lamented that Bourdain was unable to get help:

Regarding the letter, commenters said:

His loss is felt by many:

True this:

H/T: Twitter, CoS (Consequence of Sound), Instagram