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Guy Proposes To Woman While In A Packed McDonald's Line—And It Goes South Instantly

Guy Proposes To Woman While In A Packed McDonald's Line—And It Goes South Instantly

A video rarely leaves the internet collectively cringing as much as a recording of a public marriage proposal.

It only gets worse when it's staged at a McDonald's, to a woman who appears less than thrilled by the idea.

We don't know the context behind the proposal, whether it was more of an "apology proposal" or if the man simply planned poorly, but the internet couldn't help but eat up every bite of this widely shared fail.

The first video of the proposal was posted on Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

You can watch the video here:

In the video, an incredibly packed McDonald's is visible, with an already exasperated woman at the front of the line. The man behind her then kneels down, presumably asking her to marry him, which is lost in the din of the restaurant.

The woman remains facing forward for an awkwardly long moment. When she finally turns, she is visibly furious and scolds the man for his attempt to begin a marriage at a fast-food chain.

Furious, the woman hurried out of the line, leaving not only the food she had ordered but also a shopping cart full of items.

A second video surfaced on TikTok, later shared on Twitter, at another angle. In this video, we simply see the man on his knee, painstakingly waiting for the woman to turn around, which does not happen before the end of the video.

You can watch the second video here:

Viewers of the pair of videos couldn't have cringed harder for an endless list of reasons.

First, there was the location of the proposal.

Second, there was the unbearable amount of time before the woman turned around.

And don't even get the internet started on the woman's reaction.

As said earlier, it's unclear how this proposal came about, but the internet was baffled this man ever thought proposing in a busy fast-food chain, to an already exasperated woman, with the pressure of so many people watching, was a good idea.

But no matter the thought process behind it, it's clear the woman was not "lovin' it."