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Psaki Reminds Reporter She's 'Blissfully' Not Cruz Spokesperson After His Supreme Court Comments

Psaki Reminds Reporter She's 'Blissfully' Not Cruz Spokesperson After His Supreme Court Comments
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images; Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has once again delighted many on the internet with a perfect one-liner, this time about Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

During a press briefing, Psaki was asked about controversial comments Cruz recently made about Democratic President Joe Biden's plans to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court, which Cruz called "offensive."

Psaki responded with a zinger about the Senator that many found instantly relatable.

See the moment below.

Psaki's comment came in response to a member of the press asking her about the double standard that seemed to be at play among many Republicans when it comes to nominating a replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

While they cheered former Republican President Donald Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to replace late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Biden's announcement he intends to nominate a Black woman has been decried by the right.

Senator Cruz has been most vocal, calling Biden's announcement "offensive" and an "insult to Black women."

Asked several times to weigh in on why she thinks GOP Senator Cruz is so against Biden's nomination, Psaki finally quipped:

"I am blissfully not a spokesperson for Senator Cruz, so he can best answer that question."

Cruz's comments have drawn widespread criticism.

During a speech on his podcast Verdict with Ted Cruz (go ahead and roll your eyes, we certainly did), Cruz called Biden's announcement offensive on the basis Black women are only 6% of the population, which means Biden doesn't "give a damn" about 94% of the country.

He even went so far as to call Biden's announcement "an insult to Black women," implying Biden's nominee would merely be a token.

Of course, Cruz and his staff were unfazed by any of the backlash—his actual spokesperson Steve Guest even changed his Twitter bio to "Blissfully Special Advisor for Communications for Sen. Ted Cruz" in response to Psaki's dig.

Sick burn, Steve.

But on Twitter, most people seemed to like Psaki's one-liner a lot more.

Psaki went on to underline the importance of Biden's decision—and to put to rest ridiculous and racist claims like Cruz's.

"The President's view is the notion that there has not been a Black woman ever on the Supreme Court in 230 years is a problem with the process—not a lack of qualified, credentialed people to consider and nominate."

Hear, hear.