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Proud Boys Mocked After Accidentally Smoke-Bombing Themselves In Empty Kmart Parking Lot

Proud Boys Mocked After Accidentally Smoke-Bombing Themselves In Empty Kmart Parking Lot

A Proud Boys demonstration in Portland, Oregon, became the subject of mockery after the far-right group misjudged the placement of a smoke bomb that went off near them in a Kmart parking lot.

The all-male, neo-fascist group was founded during the 2016 presidential election and are known for their violent protests in the U.S.

But it seems their recent rally, called "Summer of Love," literally went up in smoke.

Sunday's clash between right-wing demonstrators and left-wing protesters erupted into chaos that included exchanging paintballs, bear mace, in a roving brawl on busy neighborhood streets.

The violence culminated in gunshots in downtown Portland around 6 p.m. when anti-fascist demonstrators returned fire at a man who shot at them with a handgun.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the shooting incident, according to OPB.

In the smoke bomb clip, a group member, who stood on a rolling stage and shrouded in yellow smoke, was heard instructing:

"Could we move that smoke bomb a little bit out there? We got elderly people here, guys."

People had a field day trolling the group's smoky debacle.

The location for the temporary stage at Kmart received honorable mention.

Local reporter Zane Sparling posted a tweet thread of videos capturing the anti-fascist protesters fighting back against the Proud Boys as they ran along 122nd Avenue.

Journalists covering the melee were sprayed with chemicals and paintโ€”injuring one local freelance photographer who had to seek medical treatment.

Eric Ward, the executive director of the Western States Centerโ€”a nationwide organization to promote democracy and freedom from fearโ€”called Sunday's unrest, "deeply disturbing."

Ward issued a written statement that read in part:

"The idea that Portland, or any city, can single-handedly defeat white nationalism is a fallacy. This incident needs to be a wake-up call for elected leaders at every level."

He added:

"This is a national problem that demands national resources. Anti-democratic violence is a threat that strikes at the heart of who we are as a country. It's time to act like it."