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PHOTOS: People are Puzzled by Cans of 'Prongles' Potato Chips

PHOTOS: People are Puzzled by Cans of 'Prongles' Potato Chips

Prongles, a new brand of potato chips with suspiciously familiar packaging akin to Pringles, hit Target's toy shelves without warning, stunning consumers.


The Pringles ripoff borrows elements from the cartoony graphics of its tubular packaging, fooling less discerning and hungry customers who are likely to snatch up the savory treats without paying close attention to the brand. The contents aren't that different from the addictive convex-shaped savory delight, except they're probably not as tasty.

The canned non-delights are also conspicuously tucked among various board games as opposed to being stocked where you'd think they belong: The snack food aisle.

So what's the story behind Prongles? A it turns out, it's nothing but a delicious publicity stunt. But who's responsible?

Upon closer inspection, people noticed the letters "CAH" on the tip of each vehicle, whether skateboard or jetski, ridden by a mischievous, Prongle-popping hog. Does "Cards Against Humanity" ring a bell, anyone?

The perennial-favorite adult game - where players combine irreverent phrases with other equally as disturbing descriptions from another stack of cards to score points based on creativity - is up to something.

A commenter on Imgur noticed something else peculiar about the Prongles' packing. When the label was peeled off, consumers discovered. Prongles are repurposed from another brand of chips from a company called: "The Good Crisp Company."

The Chicago company made headlines earlier this month when they started a new holiday promotion, where $15 of your hard-earned cash would score you a special deck of Cards Against Humanity. The proceeds would also benefit their pledge to block President Donald Trump from fulfilling his campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Target's receipt yielded another clue. The Imgur commenter explained:

The receipt at Target shows that this is in their inventory system as 'CAH Card Game', and is stocked in Toys (in the boardgames area). The DPCI for this product (pink or green) is 087-10-4223 ...try to find it near you, if you want it.

The UPC for both Prongles products bears the URL for, but the website reveals little except a teaser that says "Original Prongles coming soon."

At this time, all we can do is wait and see.

Whatever CAH has up their sleeves, the marketing is affecting customers.

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