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Pro-Trump University Employee Has Meltdown After Being Fired For Driving Motorcycle Into Crowd Of BLM Protesters

Rich Yaeger/Facebook

A University Of Wisconsin employee was fired after deliberately driving his motorcycle through a group of demonstrators in Madison last month, according to official sources.

Rich Yaeger, a senior power plant operator, was terminated from his position at UW Madison by HR, whom he dubbed "hatchetmen." He vowed to take legal action against the University.

In a ten minute video, Yaeger ranted about his "wrongful termination."

However, he failed to acknowledge the incident on November 6 in downtown Madison and the subsequent investigation that led to his termination.

Yaeger drove his motorcycle into a group of young Black Lives Matter protesters, which was captured on video.

A campaign to get Yeager fired was launched the day of the incident.

UW students wrote a letter to the University.

During the encounter, Yeager injured a student and also hurled racial slurs.

In the video detailing how he was fired from the university, Yaeger claimed he also used racial slurs in an email back to HR.

Yaeger said he wrote the n-word a mind-boggling 3 times, saying "none of [the uses were] derogatory, absolutely not, as a matter of fact, used with as much love as possible."

Yeager reportedly used racist language in the workplace. He also failed to show up for work.

After all of that, it doesn't appear Yeager's firing was solely about the motorcycle incident. His behavior in the workplace certainly removes all doubt of his culpability.

At the end of his video detailing his termination, he commented:

"I've got rage, people."

After zooming his camera in on the motorcycle which he drove into the BLM protesters, he said:

"This machine here, this machine kills fascists."

After the incident on November 6, Yeager reportedly harassed the students on social media, going so far as to friend them on Facebook to continue hurling racial epithets at them.

It's unclear if a lawsuit will manifest. But for now at least, Yaeger is out of the workplace.