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Man's Posthumous Prank During His Burial Leaves Funeral-Goers Cracking Up Through Tears

Man's Posthumous Prank During His Burial Leaves Funeral-Goers Cracking Up Through Tears
@lfcgigiddy1122 / Twitter

Prepping for your own death is an impossibly difficult task that people around the world take on every single day.

For most of us, that might mean making funeral plans, checking that life insurance is in place, leaving final instructions, etc.

For Shay Bradley there was one extra step - pulling off his greatest prank ever.

Everyone who knew Shay said his sense of humor was his calling card. According to his daughter, Andrea, her dad (whom she called Poppabear... go ahead, take a moment to process the cuteness) was ever the prankster.

As Shay's passing was the result of "a long illness bravely borne" he had plenty of time to sit around and plan exactly what he was going to do. If you know anyone prone to pranks, you know the best (or maybe worst?) thing in the world for them is time for plotting.

Combine that with the fact that Shay knew nobody would deny a dying man's last wishes and you've got the perfect storm for what his friends and loved ones are calling #ShaysLastLaugh.

And it was epic.

The Irish Defense Forces veteran had been to his fair share of funerals in his time. Knowing they were typically sad and somber occasions, he went out of his way to make sure his funeral-goers left in tears of laughter, not sadness.

So he made a hilariously expletive-filled and inappropriate recording to be played once his body was lowered into the ground. We know, it sounds dark - and it is - but it's also really, really funny.

A few people were in on the prank, and they managed to record the reactions of those who weren't.

Video from his funeral has garnered hundreds of thousands of views. So while Shay may have intended to comfort his loved ones with one last laugh, his mischief also left countless others smiling.

Turn up the volume, but be warned there are several f-bombs.

Twitter users absolutely fell in love.

We're glad Shay's loved ones got to experience his sense of humor one last time and that the rest of the world got to see it. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

The comedy film Death at a Funeral is available here.


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