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Man Charged With Hate Crime For Attacking 5-Year-Old And Her Father For Being 'Japanese' Released The Same Day

Man Charged With Hate Crime For Attacking 5-Year-Old And Her Father For Being 'Japanese' Released The Same Day

A man has been charged with a “bias crime” after allegedly assaulting a man and his daughter in Portland, Oregon.

Dylan Kesterson is accused of a attacking a family visiting Portland from California. The family was out riding rented bikes from Salmon Springs station.

The case has the public outraged.

Especially because the accused man was quickly released the same day he was arrested.

Around 3:45pm on Saturday, July 2, Kesterson is alleged to have commented on the ethnic background of the biking family. He accused them of being of Japanese descent.

Shortly thereafter, Kesterson began hitting the 36-year-old father in the head. After, he punched the 5-year-old daughter.

Witnesses jumped in after the attack began and defended the family. Kesterson tried to walk away after that.

Kesterson was arrested but released the same day, causing public outrage.

Kesterson was booked into Multnomah County Jail on accusations of 1st and 2nd degree bias crime. As of Sunday, July 3, Kesterson was no longer in custody, implying he was released the previous day.

Local officials spoke out about the heinous nature of the crime and the system’s handling of the perpetrator.

Commissioner Mingus Mapps told KOIN 6 News:

“My heart goes out to the family. We have got to bring back public safety in this town. I appreciate the work of the Portland Police Bureau in arresting this individual.”
“I am concerned that he was released from jail the same day he was arrested.”

Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler reached out to the victims and told the press he was outraged at the attack. He said he’d be instructing the District Attorney to pursue the maximum penalty.

The attack is a growing trend in the country, as anti-Asian crimes are on the rise. Just last year, hate crimes against Asian Americans increased 339 percent.

And it’s not something people want to see.

Kesterson is due in court Wednesday July 6 for a hearing to determine if he should be put back in custody pending his trial.

The District Attorney brought additional charges, including assault and attempted assault that could necessitate locking up a suspect.