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Brutal New Poll Spells Out Trouble For Don Jr. And Ivanka Trump's Future Political Aspirations

Brutal New Poll Spells Out Trouble For Don Jr. And Ivanka Trump's Future Political Aspirations
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

If Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump thought they could easily transition to political careers, they were sorely mistaken. A new poll by the Independent shows they'd be met with disappointment.

An overwhelming 61 percent of those polled said that the Trump children should not run for office, despite their father being the president.

Even among supporters of President Donald Trump, this remained true. Only 35 percent of Trump supporters said that Jr. should get involved in politics, while only 31 percent said the same of Ivanka.

It seems like the American people really don't want more Trumps in office.

The poll also asked about the opinions of members of the Trump family in relation to 2016 compared to now. 40-50 percent of respondents said their opinion of the two had worsened since four years ago. This is compared to 20-30 percent who said their opinion had improved.

This isn't great for either, as while they haven't said outright if they would, the two have flirted with the idea of running for office.

Ivanka is the more likely of the two, as she regularly joins her father on the campaign trail. During his speeches when he talks about the possibility of a woman president, she whips up his supporters into chanting her name.

Meanwhile, Jr. has gotten more into politics himself, often promoting his father's works and campaign, sharing memes, and insulting the left. He also often shares jokes, including a sign that said "DON JR. 2024" he saw in Nevada.

However, if this poll is to be believed, the joke is on them.

All that said, polls have been wrong before. Even if President Donald Trump is voted out, it's likely we'll be stuck hearing his name for a while.

Let's just hope it's purely in the past tense.