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Fox News Viewers Lash Out At 'Sheep' Jeanine Pirro For Wearing A Face Mask At A Restaurant

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Like most Fox News hosts, Jeanine Pirro followed the lead of President Donald Trump and downplayed the effects of the global pandemic to minimize its political effects early on.

But, as months pass and cases continue to spread, some Fox hosts have started to be a little more careful. While out at a restaurant, Pirro tweeted a picture of herself wearing a mask and encouraged others to take the same precaution.

Unfortunately, Pierro and her fellow Fox hosts had trained their viewers too well.

After telling conservatives to disregard science for so long, many of them failed to believe her when she told them to be careful.

Judge Pirro taught her viewers to ignore advice from authorities and now she's being confronted by an army of fans who won't listen to her.

Falsehoods flew left and right as far-right conservatives came up with reasons why they shouldn't have to wear a mask.

Many of Pirro's former fans felt that wearing a mask was an infringement of their "freedom" and that taking steps to protect others was like being "muzzled."

Many conservatives promptly labelled Pirro a "sheep."

For many Fox News viewers online, the network isn't worth watching if its hosts compromise in any way...even for their own safety!

For what it's worth, Judge Pirro did the right thing by wearing her mask in public. With virus cases rising nationwide, we can't be too careful!