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Piers Morgan Mocks Ramaswamy For Hoping To Have Trump As An 'Adviser'

The news host couldn't help but needle the GOP presidential candidate for thinking the former President would be interested in being his 'adviser' if he were to win the presidency.

YouTube screenshot of Piers Morgan and Vivek Ramaswamy
Piers Morgan Uncensored

Television personality Piers Morgan couldn't help but needle GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy for thinking that former President Donald Trump would be interested in being an "adviser" to him in the event he wins the presidency.

Ramaswamy—a 38-year-old entrepreneur from Ohio who has gained attention as a possible contender in the Republican primary—made a surprising statement when asked about his relationship with Trump. He expressed his agreement with "90%" of Trump's policies but went further to suggest that he could reunite the nation in ways Trump couldn't.

He even remarked that he looks forward to “working with Donald Trump when, I hope, he’s my adviser and frankly my mentor in my first year in office.” Morgan couldn't help but notice the audacity of Ramaswamy's statement.

Morgan responded:

“You managed to say that you thought Donald Trump would be your adviser as president with a straight face there, Vivek." ...
“Just to explain, I can see why you would want him as an adviser, [but] the idea of Trump playing second fiddle to anyone I think is highly unlikely.”

You can watch what happened in the video below.

"I Hope Trump's My Adviser!" Vivek Ramaswamy On Wanting Donald Trump Behind

Ramaswamy maintained his composure despite Morgan's pushback, though he offered few details about how he expects to beat Trump, who continues to lead in GOP primary polls despite facing numerous federal and state charges for attempting to overturn the 2020 election result.

He did however gloat about his growing momentum in the Republican primary and claimed that he is now solidly in "second or third place" in major national polls, despite being relatively unknown to many Americans just months ago:

“I’m now a solid second or third in nearly every major national poll that’s coming out and many people in this country didn’t even know who I was six months ago."
“Most people couldn’t pronounce my name until two weeks ago, and so the fact of the matter is we’re on our way up.”

Still, the idea that Ramaswamy could beat Trump in the primary—let alone win it all and have Trump join his presidency as an adviser—had many people raising their eyebrows.

Interestingly enough, Trump has expressed openness to the idea of having Ramaswamy as his Vice President—though his admission did not come without criticism.

Last month, Trump once again gave himself over to flattery, his appreciation for Ramaswamy's compliment that labeled Trump as "the best president in a generation."

He expressed his appreciation for Ramaswamy's compliment that labeled Trump as "the best president in a generation." Trump's rationale for his interest in Ramaswamy stemmed from the entrepreneur's previous comment; he emphasized that he appreciates individuals who recognize his achievements and leadership.

Ramaswamy has notably pledged to pardon Trump if he were to secure the presidency.