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People Share Their Best "I'm Outta Here" Stories

People Share Their Best "I'm Outta Here" Stories

That feeling when you reach your breaking point can be overwhelming... and it can happen suddenly. At least it makes for good stories, and maybe even a lesson or two.

GeranimoAllons-y asked: What's your best "F*ck it, I'm out!" story?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

The dark side of Domino's.


When I was 18 I had worked for Domino's for at least 2 years by that time. I was a day manager and it was summertime. Our general manager wanted to save money so he didn't turn on the air conditioning in the building. With an oven blasting at over 400゚ and the outside temperature being well over 90゚, it was over a 100゚ in the store.

Our general manager arrived at the store around 5pm. By this time the store temperature (we had a wall temp gauge) was 108゚. We had customers sitting outside while waiting for pizza! We also had a morbidly obese (350-400 pounds) driver who was having heart palpitations and an elderly driver who was extremely uncomfortable. I asked him to turn on the air, pointed at the melting cheese and unsafe temperature of our ingredients. Showed him the customers sitting outside and the drivers about the fall over - he refused.

So I told him if he didn't care about his employees, customers, and product I would quit. He said he wouldn't turn it down so I took off my apron, threw it on his desk and quit.

I ended up getting a manager position at another Domino's location after that.


When I worked in food our AC broke. Same thing, middle of summer, it was easily 100° in the store for a week. My manager called and complained to corporate every day to get it fixed. Nothing. A customer comes to us pissed that its so hot in the store. So I tell him to complain to corporate. Next day, AC is fixed.


Funny how a customer's word is valued more than a manager's. And sad.


Group interviews.

Not exactly an 'epic' story but recently I had a job interview that I just rage quit and walked out of.

It was billed as a regular interview but was a group interview, so right away I had doubts about the whole thing. I originally thought I had a chance when I saw I was pretty much one of two smartly dressed with previous retail experience... but then this older guy who had relocated halfway across the world gives an absolute blow away presentation significantly better than everyone else in the room combined, with the interviewer jokingly saying "We might as well give you the job now." Granted this is maybe 10 minutes into a 2 hour interview and they made it clear there was only one position available at the start. So I just walk out, say "I'm off" and don't even bother to thank them for their time.

Group interviews are literally the worst possible thing in the world and there's no way I'm waiting for a convenient time to exit when they haven't given me so much as the bare minimum of respect.


I've never been in a group interview, but I've got to say I don't know that I'd want to work for a company that used that kind of shady tactic. If they are going with group interviews, I bet they stack rank for performance evals too...

NOT my idea of a good work environment.


Stack ranking is the most effective tool ever devised for making a working environment poisonous.


Not my job, 101.


So once when I was fresh out of undergrad, I got an internship at a small ad agency. I was stoked because in the city I was in, these were hard to come by. As time goes on I realize I'm their glorified office manager but hey, interns are interns and I'm making $10 an hour. However, around the 2 month mark I'm realizing the work is fairly dull and the boss runs the place a little bit too much like an old boys club.

Then one day I get an email from him asking me to come in early. When I arrive he tells me he is going to fire the head copywriter and he needs me to act as security and make sure she doesn't take any company files. So I'm standing there, a 5'3 22 year old girl thinking what the f. I tell him I'm pretty uncomfortable with that and he says "I get it but it's part of the life." So completely stuck considering it's just me and him in the office, I reluctantly agree.

He goes in to her office when she arrives, fires her, then slinks out of the office and says "Okay you're up" and coincidentally "takes a call" in his office with the door closed. I proceed to stand at the door of this woman's office as she furiously packs up her items. She is understandably pissed at me and lets me know as I try stand there awkwardly, trying to enforce that she doesn't get on the computer before leaving.

She leaves, telling me to go f myself (I mean fair), and the boss "finishes up his call" and comes out to ask me if she took her key with her. I tell him I'm honestly not sure, it was a pretty hard situation to navigate without any prior training. He tells me it was important for me to make sure I got her key (didn't mention that at the start) but he'd let it go this time.

He was genuinely surprised when I turned in my notice the next week.


When your boss won't get out of everyone's way.

Worked a job where we had 5-6 hrs/day meetings, with the entire staff. Sometimes when we had deadlines we weren't making, we had meetings to talk about how we weren't hitting them and what we could do to fix it. Someone (other than me but we were all obviously thinking it) said, "probably because our whole work day we can't work and most of us have kids to go home to." This didn't change, a lot of us started putting in our notices and the branch was dissolved less than a year later.


I once worked a contract position to correct a software implementation that had gone badly, on the morning of the second day the director asked that I give him hourly status reports, he worked in a different building so I spent 5 minutes walking over, 10 minutes on the status report, mostly answering 'no, that's not done yet', and another 5 minute walk back to my cube. Some people just can't get out of their own way.


Daycare nightmare.

A few years ago, I worked at a daycare in the toddler room. I loved kids and thought it would be a great fit for me. I was wrong. The day that I said "f*ck this, I'm out" was the worst day at any job I have ever had. To start with, they called me at 5 A.M. to let me know they needed me to come in on my day off. I had slept about 2 hours that night but they really "needed" me so I went it. I was the only person in the toddler room from 6 A.M. until 3 P.M.

There were, about, 25 kids in there. Very illegal but there wasn't much I could do except try to keep the biters away from the other kids (that didn't work) and try not to piss myself. At one point, I was trying to change a child's diaper and she kicked me right in the mouth and bit me. The same child also ripped out a chunk of my hair when I picked her up to put her in "time out." Another child started pushing every other kid down and stepping on their legs. By the time my "lunch replacement" showed up, I was done. I went out to my car for lunch and never went back.


Womp womp.


I was on an armed drill "A" team in high school. The captain was a massive dick and absolutely terrible leader, led by tyranny rather than respect type of guy.

Well he decided that people were taking breaks too frequently and said that the next person to leave was off of his team.

I said "Seriously?"

He said "Yes, Seriously."

I said "Hell yeah, I'm going to get breakfast then," so I ran off the floor to do just that.

It was unfortunately an empty threat and was disappointed to learn I was still on his team and couldn't go to another team, or my old team.


Not all heroes wear capes.

Huge party with like 30 people at my apartment in 2008, I knew about 10 of them from college, they all brought friends, gf's etc. I was 20.

This one girl really wanted me, I mean she would have been down for anything. I was really close to getting it on with her when another guy I didn't even know came into my room and was like "man my name's Will, you wanna come outside I've got a huge joint here!" I told her to stay there I'd be right back.

He takes me outside onto the patio and says "dude her names Lexus, she's 16. I know her through a friend who I'll introduce you to later. Get her out of here and definitely don't do anything with her."

So I did. I told her I had to leave and she should come with me. After she walked out the door first, I shut it and she was so messed up she called a friend to come get her.

About the best ending to something that could have been very life changing for everyone involved. Thank you so much Will.


Dude. That guy's such a bro.


Who names their daughter Lexus though?


She couldn't afford a car so she named her daughter a Lexus.


This was frustrating just to read.

My mom was a few months from retirement at a public library. She was past the date that gave her access to retirement funds but co-workers had asked her to stay a few more months and train a replacement. She was keen to get out from under the thumb of a new library director who was terrible.

The replacement they chose was in no way able to take over my mom's position and this was indicative of the poor management decisions made by the library director. The director was also always trying to nickel and dime orders for supplies.

A constant struggle for my mom was having to order DVD cases. There were two types of cases and the price difference was something like 12 for $15 and 12 for $16. The $16 pack were shorter and would fit on the library shelves. The $15 pack was too tall and basically useless. The director was constantly trying to change the orders each time they were submitted because she would see the slightly cheaper cases and tell my mom she was being "extravagant." We often laughed at that phrase.... my mom and her extravagant DVD cases. Every single time she had to order these cases, the director had amnesia about the fact that they had to get the slightly more expensive ones and fought her on it. So, my mom told the new worker all about the cases. Showed her the short shelves and how only the short cases would fit. She made an order with her and fought the director with the girl watching so she knew what she was up against.

The next day, the tall cases showed up in the mail and my mom was infuriated. She didn't speak to anyone... just packed up her desk and walked out. She never returned and went to set up retirement funding that same day. She won't even go to that library anymore, to this day.

So, my mom quit her last job and retired early over a one dollar difference on some DVD cases.


We know who the CEO is.


My first day delivering pizzas for a very big chain with a publicly well-known CEO/Founder. I was told to come in at 8 A.M. (2 hours before open) because we had to deliver to the CEO hosting an event at the local Ritz. We had two cater 250ish pizzas in 4 cars. It was at least two trips, and it was my first day. It was absolutely pouring, I didn't have a uniform, I didn't know where I was going, or who I was meeting at the hotel. I just kept driving around and around, lost I finally was told where to go etc. 3 hours and I'm soaked, off the clock, and untrained where I was told I would be greatly rewarded for my help.

Our manager comes in after the job with cookies from the shop next door: I was never tipped. I didn't get paid overtime. I. Didn't. Get. Tipped. By. The. CEO.

Either the store manager kept the tip for himself or our CEO was a monster. 6 days later someone rear ended me, and I quit that day.


Broken promises of advancement.

I've told this story before, but ...

When I was freshly graduated from college with a B.S. in psychology, the recession was in full swing. I took a job working for a massive tech company (yes, you all know of it). I was doing tech support for their advertising software. I was miserable (I'd get screamed at, called names, and I'd have to review porn sites and sketchy stuff to make sure it fit the advertising guidelines). After about six months, I found another job. The pay was the same. The drive was much shorter. Parking was free. I would have been happy.

I gave my notice at my tech support job. "Oh, no!" they said. "We have a position that's perfect for you! We know that you love Web Analytics and you're really good at them; we want to promote to you to our Analytics expert! We just need you to get certified." Young and dumb, I believed them. I turned down my other job offer in order to pursue that position.

It's a tale as old as time. A couple of months of jumping through hoops to get that promotion and they didn't give it to me. I was furious, and of course, still miserable with my job.

After those two months of hard work, misery, and studying to become certified, they told me I didn't get the job. I rage-walked out of work that day. I rage-walked 9.85 miles.

F*ck those guys.


Coachella bro.

Coachella in like 2006? I was watching Coheed and Cambria with my buddy. This giant shirtless dude starts yelling at this other guy, "You're dead! You're f*cking dead!"

I pieced it together that this other dude, some young idiot in a white t-shirt, had tried to feel up the giant shirtless dude's girlfriend. Me and other people are a human wall since we're down close to the stage. I kept turning around and telling white t-shirt to get the f*ck out of there. He doesn't move, just stands there grinning like a f*cking moron.

Well, giant shirtless dude finds his way around our human wall and punches that dude in the face. Instant black eye, probably broke his orbital. Shirtless dude makes like he's gonna punch again and white t-shirt flinches like defeated prey. That's when shirtless dude starts punching his own head and yelling, "I'm a cage fighter!"

I found another place to watch the rest of the show.


Oh yeah, nope.

Was 18 and moved into my girlfriend's mom's house with the gf because I was kicked out by my dad. After 2 weeks the mom told me I couldn't speak above a whisper because the walls were bugged by the mafia, who were listening to everything, and that they regularly called the mom and threatened to kill my gf.

I packed up and left that night. Broke it off with the gf too (for unrelated reasons). Clean break. Good times.


Toxic corporate culture, but with food.


I've told this story before with more detail elsewhere.

I worked at a McDonalds for a few years, most of which were lower management. After an ownership change and a ton of other bullsh*t I was ready to be done. Got to work one morning to open the store and an hour in I had 3 people call off. Another hour in and 2 more no-showed. Plus there was a gas smell coming from the kitchen. I called my boss and told him what was going on. He hung up on me. He DID call maintenance to check on the smell so that got fixed but I was still extremely short staffed, running the front half of the store alone. During a lul between the early coffee drinkers and the breakfast rush I was talking to my drive-thru person and basically said "boss is gonna come in late as usual and the first thing he is going to do is yell at me for being understaffed and I'm gonna walk." She laughed.

Eventually, I had all of the no-shows in and working and the store was running more smoothly. My shift was to be done in an hour and to nobody's surprise, my boss was 2 hours late. He finally shows up and the first thing he does is yell at for being understaffed. Clearly, it's my fault that people called out. Not only was I not allowed to have employee's phone numbers to call them to help but there was no time for me to call anyone if I could. So I handed him my keys and left. Turned my phone off for a week and once I turned it back on I had a ton of missed calls and messages from him and his supervisor. All the stages of grief were laid out in front of me. But I didn't care, I was free.


I mean... car dealership.

Got a job at a car dealership. I knew going in it was going to be tough with commissions, but the potential rewards were worth it, so I was determined to give it a try. After a couple weeks of training and shadowing, I was ready to acquire my sales license and get my first sales. That was before the general manager decided to pull me aside and tell me that there was a "shortage on lot attendants" and he was going to move me there. The lot attendants make 8 dollars an hour, I took this job because I wanted to get a potential career. At first I thought it was just until my sales license arrived, then I overheard they were planning to keep me as a lot attendant. I noped out of there instantly. It was tough as I was unemployed for a month and a half, but I did find a new job as an assistant manager a few weeks ago, so I am now settling into that.


Read the instructions, ma'am.

My boss almost blew me up with a full CO2 tank because she didn't realise that you needed to close the valve before you removed the hose, Luckily I stopped her before the thing went ballistic and quit the next day.


I hope you reported that!


I was almost fatally injured because of this. I was a theatre tech in high school and we used CO2 for our low-lying fog machine. First time using it for all of us, teacher included, we were standing around so we would know how to use it. We didn't turn off the valve, but started unscrewing the metal tube that was attached to the fog machine. Once it got loose enough, the pressure popped the rest of the threading and the metal tube flailed around. It sounded like a gunshot and we all jumped back.

Everyone ran over to me after asking if I was okay. They said it was maybe an inch from my head.


F*ck it, I'm out.

I was doing a check ride to get hired as a pilot for one of the companies that flies advertising banners up and down the beach, etc. Because the banner is a huge drag on the plane, they fly at full power all day and the planes were tired pieces of shit. As we waited to take off, a plane came in to pick up a banner (by using basically a big hook to snag a rope strung between two upright poles). We watched as he hooked it, attempted to fly away, then crashed and burned while we watched. We taxied over, but there was nothing to do. The check pilot went to handle things and I noped out and politely declined their offer to return for another check ride.


I always assumed they just dragged the banner right from the start, or unrolled it from the plane as it flies. I never considered it had to be picked up like that.



Was working for my FIL as an assistant to fairs we did around the country.

One day we finished the fair, cleaned up and started going back to the hotel.

When we arrived in an underground parking lot, he asked me where his basket was. Now this basket contained pretty important stuff for the fair, and he did not let anyone touch it except for himself.

Long story short: he forgot it at the venue. He started shouting at me at the top of his lungs, then proceeded to kick me out of the car, throw some stuff at me, and bail out of there...leaving me alone in a parking lot, in the evening, and locking me inside.

I remained in there for 20 minutes because all the exits were locked. I was about to call the police when he came back.

Fired myself right away, he lost both me and my husband that day. F*cking assh*le.


Crack is whack.


Coworker was running late to a shift at Subway. I worked the morning and two afternoon people were scheduled to come in and relieve me. One showed up and the other was still running late. I text him to ask him where he is and I get a picture sent back of him smoking out of a glass pipe and a message saying "f*ck yeah! Doin crank!" I tell my coworker who is on shift that he needs a ride so I drive out to his place (it wasn't far and no surprise, a trailer) and knock on his door. I hear a loud bang from inside. No clue what it was whether it was a gun or not. I called the manager and he says "well I need you to work his shift then." I just said "nope." Hung up, and went home.


I just said "nope." Hung up, and went home.

Yeah you'd survive a horror movie.


He went to pick up someone who he just saw a picture of doing crank, to bring them to work. I do not think he would survive.


I'm not entirely sure I was not that roommate.

I walked in on my roommate, high, eating Pringles off the floor, while making Pacman sounds, alone in the dark.

edit: oh damn platinum, thanks, it's like the gold of a few months ago at double the cost. Now if only someone could pay the utility bill this guy skipped out on and the repair for the washing machine he broke when he filled it with rusty tools.


Is it wrong that I kinda want to try this now?