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People Are Sharing The Most Ridiculous Things Their Pets Do, And We're LOLing


As usual, an innocent tweet has prompted a flood of responses all about the weird things our pets do.

It all started with this straightforward tweet by journalist, Nicole Cliffe.

She asked:

"What is the funniest thing a pet of yours has ever done?"
"This is just a straight-up prompt tweet and I am quite confident we'll be glad of it."
"Pics encouraged, particularly if relevant to the story."

While most responses contained photos, one video of an orange tabby cat caught everyone's attention.

Anyone who has pets knows they can be strange sometimes.

And the following tweets all put the weirdness on display.

Not everyone posted photos.

Some posted videos or even just a story, all of which were equally entertaining.

Can you imagine when that German Shepard girl is all grown up and tries to do this?

Lets face it: animals are strange, and we love them for it!