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People Are Sharing Their Profession's Most Annoyingly Cliché 'Greatest Hit' Phrases 😂

Photo via Getty Images, @Joannechocolat/Twitter

Our lives are all horribly idiosyncratic. Day to day we start to see the same cycle of things repeat themselves, and it does actually get quite annoying to see the same thing over and over.

But at least we can relate to others in our fields.

It all began when @Peachumari tweeted:

And inspired thousands of others, from various professions, to create their own "Greatest Hits" album based around their daily idiosyncrasies.

How exciting, the Medieval Academy.

Replies continued pouring in from across the globe:

What a perfect way to start the work week after MLK Weekend.

The post applies to everyone from authors:

To journalists:

To gynecologists:

Dr. Jen Gunter is famous on Twitter for directly opposing all health scams that target women, including Gwyneth Paltrow's company "Goop."

To climate scientists:

To parents:

Even wanted to participate in the fun:

The meme is so popular that it has been going for over 24 hours, which is almost unheard of when it comes to Twitter memes.

Here's the format for you folks who want to use it: "Hi, I'm [insert name of profession]. You might know me from some of my greatest hits, such as 'x,' 'y,' and 'z.'"