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People Are Sharing The Dumbest Things They Actually Believed As Kids, And There Are Some Real Doozies

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The mind of a child can provide surprisingly sharp insight and wisdom at the most surprising times. Other times, kids can be really dumb.

That's not to say it's only the current generation. I'm sure you can remember some odd idea you believed as a child, which brings us to the question KE SHARP (@danielmarven on Twitter) posed for the internet.

"What is the dumbest thing you believed as a child..?"

It's such a simple question, yet surprising in the diverse experiences. This was somewhat similar to the #DumbThingsIBelieved hashtag that became popular last August asked, but brought some different answers.

To start, you can imagine why a child might believe these.

It's not just Twitter asking this question. About a month before the hashtag became popular, a Reddit user posted on r/AskReddit asking the same question.

It's easy to see why the question is so popular. As kids we're often told incorrect things, and we take the word of authority at face value. This can lead to us believing lies, whether intentionally or not.

Alternatively, we believe things so outlandish they can only come from a child's mind.

There are some very universal beliefs, like swallowing seeds.

And of course, some kids think being an adult is more glamorous than it really is.

These beliefs and fake facts we had as kids were signs of naïveté and may make you cringe to think back on them. But they're also part of learning and growing up. They teach us to sift fact from fiction and give us a giggle. And hopefully, they show us how far we've come.

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