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People Are Sharing Pet Photos That Resemble Album Covers and We're Totally Pre-Ordering the Pet Shop Boys Tribute One

@Badlell // @Relentless Mess // @ mrsweller99 (Twitter)

Pets can be hilarious. Photos of pets can be hilarious.

Photos of pets that resemble album covers are especially hilarious. (Yes, we might want them all.)

Thanks to Twitter user David Badlell, the internet has discovered so many awesome photos of pets that look like they resemble the cover of that album you bought that made you come of age that one eventful summer.

Here's the picture that started it all.

People immediately chimed in with their observations.

And then other people joined in, and just like that, a new wholesome Twitter trend was born.

Like this copycat band:

And this potential Christmas album:

Then there's charmingly moody cat that looks like it gets down to some k.d. lang ballads:

This cat is a former member of The Sex Pistols gone rogue:

Here are some dogs with a popular album that critics allege "is still finding its voice":

Here's a dog that wants you to look into its eyes and gaze into its melancholy soul, where dream pop plays till dawn:

We NEED these dogs to give us their Pet Shop Boys tribute album right now (and we do mean RIGHT NOW):

Here are some more cats with a Beatles tribute band:

And here's a feline heavy metal artist with a chip on its shoulder:

And then there's this, which is just... poetic. (Yes, that's the word.)

We love them all!