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People Are Revealing The Totally Average Things That They Thought Were Hella 'Fancy' As Kids 😂

People Are Revealing The Totally Average Things That They Thought Were Hella 'Fancy' As Kids 😂
Wikimedia: Dvortygirl; Twitter: NZNeep

As a child, your brain tries to find common links between actions, events, and items, especially those you cannot have. There were the "good" dishes that you only brought out when guests were over. Or maybe some really nice clothes you only wore on specific holidays.

And sometimes, you thought something was fancy that was super basic.

A writer for The Late Show, Ariel Dumas, asked Twitter about that very instance.

Everything is more special, when sipped out of a special glass.

It's something you maybe forgot about until this very article, but there's bound to be something you thought as a kid was more special than it turned out to be.

And through the eyes of a child, it's pretty easy to see how these things might feel "fancy."

What if you could only eat a few mini marshmallows at a time? Would that be enough to make them seem elusive and extra special?

Bring out the "special" olive oil or the specialty gourmet meat and cheese gift boxes.

Chocolate you got to eat only rarely as a kid can maintain its special allure, even when as a grown-up you can buy all the Toblerone you want.

The tweet has received thousands of responses from comments and quote retweets. Everyone seems to have something they thought was only for special occasions or the rich and famous. Most of it is food, but not everything. There's mention of bidets, piñatas, and holiday editions of Barbie.

Popular Twitter personalities have weighed in with their own "fancy" childhoods.

Guess those Pantene Pro-V commercials did their job!

Who can stop drooling over the memory of those one-use treats?

The question is a reminder of how our perception of the world around us changes over time. Humans are creatures of pattern recognition. When we only see something once a year, or are denied it entirely, we think there must be a special reason.

Sometimes it's for our own good, like in the case of Lunchables, with their high salt content. Others are due to our lack of interaction with the item or place, like alcohols and specific fast food places.

However, there were a number of recurring responses that make one wonder how so many people had the same experience.

Shhh... don't tell anyone, but you can get Andes mints any time you want now.

Well, can't blame them for this one. At least, Crown Royal whiskeylooks fancy.

Do you remember those Grey Poupon commercials where the guy in the fancy limo conveniently happened to have a car of the dijon treat?

In the end, a trip down memory lane for the once and future "fancy" is a good way to think of what's in your life today.