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Peloton's New Christmas Ad Is Giving People Some Serious 'Black Mirror' Vibes

Peleton workout bikes, the cheapest of which costs $2,245, have earned a reputation for some unusual advertising campaigns.

This holiday season, however, the company has outdone themselves with an unsettling commercial about a woman whose significant other surprises her with a workout bike for Christmas.

Everyone on Twitter seemed to agree there was something chilling about how excited this woman was for her workout bike.

It seemed almost like we were watching a tiny episode of Black Mirror.

Putting aside the strange tone, there were definitely some issues with the writing.

No loving partner would surprise his sig-o with a workout bike she hadn't asked for.

What exactly was he trying to say?



Parodies have begun circulating which seem to sum up people's feelings about the ad.

Meanwhile, others were noticing another strange detail from Peloton's ads.

All in all, the commercial seemed to do more harm than good.

If you bought your partner a Peloton workout bike for Christmas, there might still be time to make a return.

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