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Fans Defend Pedro Pascal After He Refuses To Read Thirst Tweets About Himself On Camera

The 'Last of Us' star politely declined to read the 'dirty' thirst tweets after being approached by 'Access Hollywood.'

Pedro Pascal
Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

You read one thirst tweet and the internet comes completely unhinged.

Pedro Pascal became all too familiar after a moment with Entertainment Tonight went viral.

Pascal, who has been dubbed the "internet's daddy," read a tweet from a fan referring to him as "my cool, slutty father," to which Pascal awkwardly acknowledged:

"Yep, I am your cool slutty daddy."

Everyone wants in on this action now, but The Last of Us star recently refused to read some "dirty" tweets from fans.

While at a Mandalorian season 3 event, the actor was approached by an Access Hollywood reporter who wanted him to read some thirst tweets from fans.

The interviewer revealed:

"I would love if you could read a few thirst tweets that the internet has for you."
"You can read them to camera."

Pascal took off his glasses and glanced over the tweets before laughing and ultimately declining, even after the interviewer asked him to just "pick your favorite."

He politely refused:


You can watch the moment below.

While the interviewer was likely disappointed, Pascal's fans rushed to defend him, several noting that while it may be entertaining for viewers and thirst tweeters, it's ultimately uncomfortable and a violation of personal boundaries.

Aside from the inappropriate nature of the request itself, several also pointed out that it was neither the time nor place for such an ask.

A few even noted that yes, many celebrities participate in segments in which they read thirst tweets on camera—BuzzFeed's Celebs Read Thirst Tweets, for example—but those engaging gave their consent and agreed beforehand.

Pascal, on the other hand, did not.

You can catch Pascal in his daddy roles on Wednesdays in the new season of The Mandalorian on Disney+ and Sundays in The Last of Us on HBO.