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Airline Passenger Has Hilarious Reaction After Learning She Ate A Snickers At The Worst Possible Time

TikToker Elsie Bay was afraid to even open her mouth on a recent flight after consuming a Snickers bar before flight attendants announced that a passenger on board had a severe nut allergy.

TikTok screenshots of Elsie Bay

A woman on TikTok went viral after she revealed she ate a Snickers bar on an airplane just before flight attendants made an announcement that a passenger on board had a severe nut allergy.


While the incident itself was certainly inopportune, the TikToker's reaction to the scenario had viewers howling.

Peanut allergies affect more than 6 million people in the U.S., and—as we all know—reactions can vary from person to person.

Basically, you can't take any chances...and TikToker Elsie Bay certainly was not about to.

The TikToker opened with narrated text overlay that read:

"Nobody on this plane knows how close we are to a disaster."

In the background, a flight attendant's voice can be heard announcing:

"On board this flight we have a passenger who is severely allergic to nuts."

The text above the TikToker, however, informed:

"I just had a Snickers bar..."
"...trying to get peanuts out of my teeth."

As the text changed to "What a twist," the flight attendant continued with the announcement:

"We therefore ask you not to consume any nuts or open products containing nuts which you may have brought on board."

The text then read:

"Realizing I can't open my mouth."

Bay captioned her video:

"I shut my mouth so hard the next hour."

You can watch below.


I shut my mouth so hard the next hour. #nobodyonthisplane #peanuts #allergy #plane #airplane #prank #elsiebay #peanut #allergies #disaster #planecrash

Bay's TikTok has been seen 4 million times, and viewers had all kinds of reactions.

Many wondered why the announcement wasn't made before passengers boarded the plane.






Several also noted that the severity of a reaction varies from person to person, and it's possible to be exposed to the product in many ways.



Others in the comments shared their similar experiences.





Given the TikToker didn't provide an update, we're assuming everything turned out okay onboard the flight.

We're sure the affected person appreciated Bay keeping her mouth closed the entire flight!