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Paul Ryan Repeats the Same Thing After Every Mass Shooting but Does Nothing

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes made a compilation of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and his responses to mass shootings.

Ryan says pretty much the same thing following every mass shooting. His responses are, almost word for word, identical. And not once does he ever mention doing anything to curb gun violence in our country. Nothing changes.


His favorite go-to line, calling for no "knee-jerk" reactions, has been his default since he assumed the speakership three years ago. Ryan also likes to claim that, after every senseless tragedy, a plot reemerges to take people's guns away.

"So I just think what you don't do is knee-jerk and say, 'let's just take away citizens' rights," Ryan said following Wednesday's school shooting in Florida.


After a shooting in San Bernadino, California, that left 14 dead, Ryan said the following: "What we are trying to do is find out the facts and make sure that what our response is actually addresses the problems without, without infringing upon the rights of law abiding citizens." And after a shooting in Oregon left nine people dead, Ryan said, "I think by going after a citizen's second amendment rights after these tragedies, is to overlook the real problems that underlie these, particularly in the area of mental illness."

Just out of curiosity, Mr. Speaker, what about citizens' rights to life?

In addition to his repetitive words that never amount to any action on guns, Republicans and President Trump actually made it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns last year. Trump signed HJR40, repealing an Obama era rule that strengthened background checks on firearm purchases. This is the only gun-related legislation signed into law since Donald Trump took office in 2017. In fact, it was one of his first acts as President.

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