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Right-Wing Pastor Boasts That He Killed RBG Through Prayer As His Congregation Cheers In Unhinged Video

Right-Wing Pastor Boasts That He Killed RBG Through Prayer As His Congregation Cheers In Unhinged Video
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Robert Henderson, a far-right pastor in Waco, Texas, is making headlines after being caught on video triumphantly claiming he killed Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg through prayer.

RWW News: Robert Henderson Credits His Prayer for Ruth Bader Ginsburg's

Henderson claims in his story:

"We were in the meeting on Monday night in D.C., and I told them, I said, 'Look, we need to go into the courts of Heaven right now while we're on-site in D.C., and we need to shut the mouth of the lion, judicially.'"
"'We need to ask for a judgment against the lion that has actually been devouring and intends to devour from the Supreme Court. We need to get a judgment against this lion that Paul said God shut the mouth of.' So, I led us into that place."
"Well, guess what? Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away. President Trump will establish a new Supreme Court justice. That's no accident."

Twitter users were understandably outraged by the pastor's remarks.

The pastor went on to say:

"You need to understand that if we don't shut down this abortion issue, that blood altar will invite demonic powers into this nation."
"It's not just about the babies, it's about a blood altar that is inviting demonic powers. We have to shut it down, and we need a judgment, a judgment, a judgment against the mouth of the lion."

Ginsburg's cause of death was complications related to pancreatic cancer. She passed on September 18, which Henderson can't seem to admit was a coincidence.

One of the ten commandments tells true Christians they shouldn't be excited about causing another person's death.

Nothing shows the love of God quite like striking down a peaceful feminist icon.

Many conservatives have been elated at the passing of RBG, seeing it as an opportunity to quickly confirm a third Supreme Court nominee from President Trump despite refusing to consider Barack Obama's nominee for the entire last year of his Presidency.