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This Parent Is Getting Totally Roasted For Posting A Review Claiming 'Apex Legends' Is Turning Their Son Transgender

Apex Legends/Electronic Arts and @KiyoshiTheKidd/Twitter

Twitter user Kiyoshi Kidd (@KiyoshiTheKidd) was browsing the Xbox store when he decided to look at the one star reviews on the game Apex Legends.

What he found was a review so ridiculous that many other Twitter users just couldn't resist roasting it.

The reviewer, who's screen name is ItzHalo, said:

"My son has been playing this game recently there is only one problem he keeps using the female characters."
"I think this game is turning my son transexual [sic]."
"I am not the only one that thinks this everyone in my Facebook group is having the same problem in this game and others."

Two questions leap to mind:

What is the name of this Facebook group?
How did people turn "transexual" before video games?

It boggles the mind.

Twitter account Hot Cis Takes also picked up the screenshot and the snark was strong in the comments.

And Lara Croft‽

Why didn't every adolescent boy get turned "transexual" in the late '90s‽

It's almost like ItzHalo has no idea what they're talking about.

Kiyoshi also posted the screenshot to r/apexlegends, where it garnered similar disdain.

"What's the facebook group name? "Irrational Moms"? This is why we can't have nice things." -TylersHQ
"I can relate. I play pathfinder and i'm turning into a transformer." -xErth_x
"Sadly this is so true .
Several friends of mine , their mom's and families still object them over using female characters in games , especially in Rainbow Six Siege
Like seriously what .." -

The sheer ridiculousness of ItzHalo's assertion boggles the mind.

It seems some people will make any excuse to complain about something and could do with a healthy dose of reality.

In the meantime, the internet will continue to enjoy making fun of them.