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Paramore Lead Singer Interrupts Song To Kick Out Couple Who Aggresively Pushed Through Crowd

Hayley Williams informed the two concertgoers 'I will embarrass both of you' before ejecting them from the band's concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC on Wednesday night.

Split screen image of someone shoving their way through a concert crowd on the left and singer Hayley Williams of Paramore standing on stage and pointing at the person who was shoving on the right

Hayley Williams, lead singer of the band Paramore, apparently has no patience for violent or disruptive fans at concerts.

She interrupted a song to shame a concertgoer at the band's recent Madison Square Garden show, and make sure everyone was alright.

The man was physically shoving his way through the crowd to get himself and the woman who was with him closer to the stage when the people he was shoving started yelling and pointing him out as a problem.

Williams stopped and called them out right in the middle of the song Figure 8.

"Holy sh*t. F*ck you! [...] What is happening? Guys, yes, I will embarrass both of you."
"Both of you need to find somewhere else to take care of that sh*t because that’s not happening here."

Even as the couple moved back away through the crowd, Williams wasn't done.

"You gonna disrupt one of our favorite songs to play?"

You can view a video of the incident below:

@madblackbimbo Kicked out of a paramore show in 4K?! Hayley Latisha Williams dont play like that; BFFR! 🤣 #paramore #thisiswhy #paramoreconcert #msg #madisonsquaregarden #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #hayleywilliams #figure8 ♬ original sound - Spence

The uploader clarified the behavior witnessed in the video wasn't an isolated incident, either.

"He was not going for his gf. He was being aggressive the entire night & shoving and fighting with everyone and that was the final straw for us all lol"

TikTok users celebrated Williams' immediate reaction to protect her fans.

Comment from TikTok user Backrooms Janitor "'Yes i will embarrass both of you' UGH I love her. She dont play"

Comment from TikTok user [UFO emoji][CD emoji]Knely[x-ray emoji][disco ball emoji] "This pov is insane!!! Love Hayley for taking care of them [praying hands emoji][bowing emoji]

Comment from TikTok user Three Of Cups Tarot "We were on the floor in the back and the amount of security that came rushing past us, you'd think it was a brawl. Hayley's amazing [sparkling heart emoji][sparkling heart emoji][sparkling heart emoji]!"

Comment from TikTok user briah welch "the way she was watching you guys the entire time. i love her situational awareness. she cares so much about the safety"

Others commented on how absolutely mortifying it would be to have caused a concert to be stopped in the middle of the song because you were being a jerk.

Comment from TikTok user venus "the gf looked so embarassed adgfssgfs"

Comment from TikTok user Sydney "Imagine being put on the spot in MSG by Hayley. I wouldn't show my face in public again"

A few people pointed out that a lot of artists are becoming more aware of what is going on in the crowd, and will stop the show to make sure everyone is safe.

Comment from TikTok user skylinesxturnstiles "Shows have changed a lot, Gerard in MCR & Hayley pay much more attention to crowd safety now. Almost broke a nech at MCR 1 night on Long Island lol"

Comment from TikTok user Hellcatbrooke13 "Gerard stopped playing multiple times during his performance at Riotfest last year! He made everyone back up , things were not looking good up front"

Concerts can be a lot of fun, especially if you're in the pit close to the stage; but they can also be quite dangerous. Many concertgoers have stories of being injured in the pit—it used to just be accepted as part of the experience.

More and more, fans and artists alike are actively working to make sure that everyone stays safe and enjoys the music at concerts, and that's definitely not a bad thing.

Live music should be a fun experience, not something that puts you at risk of a trip to the ER.