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Man Who Was Paralyzed After A Fall At Travis Scott Concert In 2017 Speaks Out About Astroworld Tragedy

Man Who Was Paralyzed After A Fall At Travis Scott Concert In 2017 Speaks Out About Astroworld Tragedy
Rick Kern/Getty Images

A man who became "severely paralyzed" while attending a Travis Scott concert in 2017 in New York just shared his reaction to the horrific tragedy that befell the rapper's Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas last weekend.

Eight people died and hundreds more were injured during Scott's performance when a panic-fueled crowd of about 50,000 people surged towards the stage and crushed people in a massive stampede.

The chaos unfolding went on unnoticed as some concertgoers were seen in viral videos dancing atop medical vehicles that were trying to tend to injured people.

Kyle Green, who was 23-years-old when he attended the concert four years ago, was pushed off a balcony equivalent to a height of three stories.

He became partially paralyzed not as a result of the impact from falling to the ground, but because of being "improperly removed" by a security team—rather than by medical professionals— from the premises.

In Green's suit, his lawyers alleged he was taken away without "a cervical collar, backboard and other safety precautions."

Now 27 and in a wheelchair, the concert injury left Green with a fractured vertebrae, a broken left wrist and fractured right ankle..

Upon hearing about the deadly event on November 5, Green's attorney, Howard Hershenhorn, said his client was:

"Extremely upset and sad for the devastation to these people and to their families—the people who were killed and the people who were horribly injured."

Talking to TODAY, Hershenhorn added:

"At the same time, he was really angry at Travis and at Travis' team, including his security, etc., because Travis clearly hasn't learned from what has previously transpired or what previously occurred. He hasn't learned …"

In court documents obtained by the media outlet, Green sued Scott and seven other defendants including The Bowery Presents—the organization that owned Terminal 5 at the time of the concert—and Strike Force Protective Services, a security company.

The lawsuit alleged that the rapper, whose real name is Jacques Webster Jr. "incited mayhem and chaos through his conduct."

Lyrics from Scott's 2018 song "Stargazing" were referenced as an example of how his music could incite violence.

An excerpt of the song from his Grammy-nominated album, Astroworld, reads:

"And it ain't a mosh pit if it ain't no injuries / I got 'em stage diving out the nosebleeds."

Footage of Scott encouraging another fan climbing off a balcony to jump into the mosh pit below during the 2017 concert has surfaced online.

The rapper can be heard assuring the dangling fan, "They going to catch you. Don't be scared. Fall."

Unlike Green, the audience member seen in the clip appears to have survived without serious injury.

Travis Scott fan jumped from third floor during show!

Scott has not publicly responded to the footage.

Hershenhorn told CNN's Don Lemon that his client has made a "somewhat partial recovery on the right side of his body but the left side remains almost entirely paralyzed."

Green's deposition is coming up in December, while Scott's will take place early next year.

The media outlet said, "So far through his lawyers, Scott has denied 'each and every' allegation."

In the wake of the Astroworld tragedy, USA Today reported 17 lawsuits were filed against Scott and the concert promoter Live Nation, citing them as being responsible for the chaos that led to the fatal trampling and crushing of audience members.