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Woman Helps Driver Struggling To Parallel Park Her Car Only To Pull Hilariously Evil Move After

Woman Helps Driver Struggling To Parallel Park Her Car Only To Pull Hilariously Evil Move After

Of everything we learn in driver's ed, the one thing that continues to vex many of us well into old age is parallel parking. Sometimes, it's just downright impossible, even for the best drivers.

And a new viral TikTok shows a driver struggling mightily to parallel park her car, trying over, and over, and over to get it right, until finally a Good Samaritan comes and helps direct her into the spot.

And then does something so hilariously evil it's got people all over social media absolutely screaming.

The video, originally uploaded to TikTok by user @richilbeata, shows a woman attempting—and failing miserably—to parallel park her blue Volkswagen sedan between two other cars.

First, she tried to pull in front-first—which almost never works, as anyone who's tried it knows. So then she tried the more traditional way, but her angle and placement was all wrong.

So wrong, in fact, that it caught the eye of a passerby walking her dog, who stopped and watched.

After this second failed attempt, the driver got out of her car and actually measured the enormous parking spot with her feet, then measured her car with her feet to make sure she could actually fit.

After ascertaining the parking spot big enough for a full-size SUV is in fact big enough for her compact sedan, the woman gives it another try.

And another.

Blessedly, another woman comes along and directs her into the spot. And after two more tries—success!

She's finally done it. The two women hug in celebration and you're left feeling the warm glow of a feel-good moment of women helping women.

But then in a twist ending nobody saw coming, the Good Samaritan immediately gets into the car behind the Volkswagen and drives away—you know, like she could have just done from the beginning and avoided this entire fiasco?

The hilarious ending to the video—which truly comes out of nowhere—has people all over Twitter absolutely losing their minds.

We're not sure what the message here is, or if there is one.

We just know all licensed drivers forced to parallel park feel her pain.