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People Have Some Very Strong Opinions Over Purdue University's 'Auxiliary Housing'

People Have Some Very Strong Opinions Over Purdue University's 'Auxiliary Housing'

In an effort to house a growing number of students, Purdue University Residences places incoming freshman in dorm style housing that people are comparing to military barracks and prison.

The University is estimating that 107 incoming students will be housed temporarily in makeshift rooms that include a single bed desk, and wardrobe cabinet. The lager rooms hold up to ten students and have no walls. New students and their parents are not too happy about the accommodations and many blame greed on behalf of the university for the problem by enrolling too many students for the schools capacity.

Kierra Richards, a new student who will be living in one of the open dorms told WLFI:

Knowing I'm by myself, it kind of helps me a little bit so I don't have to worry about 9 other people in my room and I like being by myself sometimes so it helps with studying and everything.

The university tells Buzzfeed the situation is temporary and they will work as quickly as possible to find permanent housing for everyone. They also added students are free to find off-campus housing if they chose, but that excuse didn't fly with many people on social media.

This Twitter user say the schools point of view.

While other people took the "suck it up buttercup" approach.

Resembling a military academy might be proving everyone's point.

But one young person wasn't taking any lip from old people.

As this Twitter user pointed out, sometimes things work for the best.

This doesn't paint a pretty picture of life in the barracks.

We certainly hope the university can find suitable housing for its students while keeping everyone safe.

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