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Georgia Teen Fatally Shot By Man After Accidentally Knocking On The Wrong Apartment Door

Georgia Teen Fatally Shot By Man After Accidentally Knocking On The Wrong Apartment Door

19-year-old Omarian Banks was on his way home to his new apartment in Atlanta, Georgia, which he shared with his girlfriend, when he knocked on the wrong door.

He was greeted from the balcony by Darryl Bynes, 32, who shot at him three times.

Banks was pronounced dead at the scene.

Zsakeria Mathis, Banks's girlfriend, said that they were still unfamiliar with the apartment complex's layout, having just moved in. Banks reportedly called ahead and asked her to meet him at the front door.

When she went to their front door, however, he was nowhere to be seen.

From her front porch, however, Mathis could hear her boyfriend being murdered.

"I just hear faint voices and a gunshot, and then I hear him yell. And I heard all the fear in his voice and he was just, 'I'm sorry! I'm at the wrong door!'"
"The man was like, 'No, you're not at the wrong door!' And he shot two more times and then it was silent."

She ran downstairs to find Banks bleeding on the ground from a bullet wound to the neck.

Another witness described the scene similarly.

"He pleaded for his life. He was like, 'Hold on, I am sorry, I am sorry' and the dude shot him."

Bynes was arrested and is now booked at the Fulton County Jail. The Associated Press reports that this will be his fourth time in prison.

Bynes's cousin, Makayla Johnson, however, commented to local news stations that he should not be charged with murder.

"He is an innocent father. He has five kids. He was protecting his family. His truck was stolen earlier this week, right now, he's just trying to protect his family."

Twitter was heartbroken over the senseless loss of life.

A GoFundMe has been started by Banks's father to help pay the cost of his son's funeral.

Rest in peace, Omarion.