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Olaf From 'Frozen' Is Supposedly 5'4", And The Implications Are Freaking Everyone Out


It's always really stressful when you find out that your little adorable cartoon friends are secretly gigantic, as people experienced firsthand when the internet uncovered how tall Peppa Pig truly is.

Olaf from Frozen was next on the list.

The adorable, albeit daft little snowman, is not so little at all. He's 5'4''—the average height of most American women.

And since Olaf is most certainly the shortest person in the Frozen universe, that means that Arendelle may secretly have been in a universe of disproportionate height this whole time and we just never knew.

This also implies that mini Anna and Elsa were around 5 feet tall as toddlers.

Which makes this once cute little melody hard to watch:

Frozen - Do You Want to Build a Snowman HD

That grandfather clock must be at least twenty feet tall.

Also, poor Sven is clearly a giant species of reindeer:


So how big are those snowflakes‽‽

This logic can't be right.


Many people are speculating that Olaf mis-measured himself because he's a total goof:

Or that he's just a typical lying man:

Or that Arendelle is on the metric system:

But if it's true and Olaf is 5'4'', everything we've ever known must be put in perspective.

Frozen is now a movie about a giant witch with ice powers.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.