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Oklahoma High School Announcer Kicked Out Halfway Through Basketball Game After Calling Opposing Players' Names 'Disgusting'

Oklahoma High School Announcer Kicked Out Halfway Through Basketball Game After Calling Opposing Players' Names 'Disgusting'

Last Friday during a high school basketball game in Oklahoma City, the announcer was removed at halftime after his inappropriate introduction of the players from the opposing team.

Instead of treating the teams equally in anticipation of the game, he announced that the opposing team players' names were disgusting.

The high school basketball game between Newkirk High School and Crooked Oak High School began like most games, including getting the audience excited and ready for the game and introducing the players from each team before the game was to begin.

But when the announcer finished introducing the players from the home team of Newkirk, he then said the opposing team players' names of Crooked Oak were disgusting, but to rest assured, he would still do his best to introduce them.

You can watch the video and hear the announcer's comments here:

One of the moms from the opposing team, Lorna Pollard, filmed the video and shared it to social media and YouTube.

The announcer said:

"Now their names are pretty disgusting, but I'm going to try to call them out."

Some of the players in the video appear to be visibly confused when the announcer made the inappropriate comment, looking back and forward between one another, and making glances at the area where he was probably stationed.

An onlooker, perhaps Pollard or another mom, can be heard in the video, saying:

"What did he just say? No, he didn't just say that."

Halfway through the basketball game that night, the announcer was removed from the game and replaced with another commentator.

But he remains unidentified to the general public, and no punishment has been declared.

Brady Barnes, the Superintendent of Newkirk Public Schools, made a public statement to say the announcer's comments during the game were not reflective of Newkirk's beliefs or their relationship with surrounding schools.

Barnes stated:

"While introducing players at Friday night's girls high school basketball game, the District's long-time announcer made an unfortunate and inappropriate personal comment concerning the names of some of the Crooked Oak players. In around 20 years of announcing Newkirk games, this is the first time something like this has occurred. While he did not make any similar comments, I made the decision to replace him at halftime of the girl's basketball game."
"To the Newkirk and Crooked Oak communities at large, I would like to say that this unfortunate comment does not represent the Newkirk Public Schools or its beliefs. We sincerely apologize for any pain or affront our announcer's comment has caused Crooked Oak players, parents, patrons, and school employees."
"Because this matter involves an employee of Newkirk Public Schools, I am not at liberty to speak on whatever personnel actions may be taken in the future."

Many onlookers, however, believe more than a statement from Newkirk Public Schools should be released.

Mother Lorna Pollard, who posted the original video, believes apologies should be issued to each of the young women from Crooked Oak High School who were embarrassed that day.

Pollard shared in a Facebook post what happened that day, and her request for an apology.

Pollard said:

"91% of our little school is minority and face racism on a daily basis and are so often told to just brush things off and that's not OK. Whether this comment was racist or not... intentional or not the point is it was hurtful to children and it is not OK."
"While we found out via a Facebook post made by our schools principal that Newkirk administration expressed their apologies to our administration at the game those words were never relayed to our girls. I do not feel that a quiet apology is suitable for a public humiliation. Our administration was not who was was these girls!"
"Our kids face a lot of things when we travel to some of these less diverse communities and I feel that our school administration as well as the hosting school administration should be more diligent in making sure our kids are not disrespected and that they feel safe and supported. These kids are our future and they need to know that they can stand up and say that it's not OK and that if they feel wronged they can speak up."
"And no... no one has reached out to the girls themselves to extend an apology....I'm sorry if I dont think that's too much to ask for. I am a proud mom .... I love these girls and I am so proud of the strength and dignity they displayed in moving past the madness and bringing home the district championship to CO for the first time in 20+ years!"

Pollard also pointed out, despite the fact this was Crooked Oak's first win against Newkirk in the past 20 years, it was difficult to celebrate in light of the harmful comments made at the game.

She shared in a later Facebook post a picture of the players from the Crooked Oak team, stating they were beautiful and did not have "disgusting" names.

Many other parents and members of the community have commented on Pollard's two posts, sharing in the support she's attempting to delivery the young team.

Lorna Pollard / Facebook

Lorna Pollard / Facebook

Lorna Pollard / Facebook

Lorna Pollard / Facebook

Lorna Pollard / Facebook

Lorna Pollard / Facebook

Regardless of the announcer's intentions with what he said, the message he delivered was harmful to the community involved.

Hopefully the young women will receive more recognition for their achievement, as well as for their personal needs after Friday's game.