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NYC Meteorologist Catches Viewers Off Guard By Accidentally Dropping An Early Morning F-Bomb On Live TV

NBC New York/YouTube@jdocmartin/Twitter

It's cloudy, with a chance of accidental swearing.

New Yorkers hadn't even had their coffee yet on the morning they were woken pretty strongly by weatherman Chris Cimino accidentally dropping a nuclear F-bomb at 8 am.

"It's just a weird f—ing thing, it's just strange," Cimino said, clearly unaware his microphone was on, after Al Roker cut to him:

NBC Storm Tracker 4's Chris Cimino 'f*ck'ing with the morning weather report

He wasn't even on screen. There's no way he could have known.

"Um, but I think if I didn't do that, I wouldn't have allowed myself," he got in, before the mic was cut off, with an NBC noise.

Ain't no doo-doo-doo to save us from that awkward silence.

Cimino was nowhere to be found on air, and suddenly, the show cut back to a Today show roundtable.

Nothin' to see here folks! Or hear, for that matter!

According to the New York Post, a spokesman for the NBC New York said the slip "was inappropriate, unacceptable and has been addressed. We apologize to our viewers."

If Cimino is facing any serious consequences, we don't know about it.

However, since the f-word is extremely common in US daily life, we hope everyone will be over it soon.