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North Carolina Teens Go On Racist Tirade Saying All Black People Should Be 'Lynched' In Viral Video

North Carolina Teens Go On Racist Tirade Saying All Black People Should Be 'Lynched' In Viral Video

*Warning: this article includes graphic language.*

At Northwest Guilford High School in Guilford County, North Carolina, a series of "tolerance trainings" has been scheduled for the student body after an incredibly vile and racist video, produced by two of the students, went viral.

In the video, two unnamed students stand face-to-face, taking turns spewing hate speech and bigotry.

They say the following:

"F**kin' lynch 'em all, man. Sit them in the back of a motherf**kin' bus."
"Put them b***hes back in the fields. Teach them a f**kin' lesson."
"They need to stop being [n-words] and listening to their god, Snoop Dogg up there in the heavens and their little Jesus thing, XXXTinct or whatever the f**k his name is."
"They be riding Tupac's dick harder than they're riding Jesus' dick. And then they wanna come out here and preach on us when they're just acting like a bunch of hood rat [n-words]."
"They be out here fuckin' my wife, stealin' my job, eatin' my food stamps. These motherf**kers be out here doin' a lot."
"Listen: we do not f**k with [n-words]. [N-words] do not want no smoke–so come at me, [n-words]."

Watch the uncensored video here.

People were shocked and appalled.

Tony Watlington, County Chief of Schools, described the video as "very hateful speech" to local CBS affiliate, WFMY News and said:

"We're working closely with our diversity office and National Conference for Community and Justice [NCCJ] to provide training for both staff and students so we can make sure all of our campus is a place people can feel comfortable and inclusive and that are harassment and discrimination free."

Though the video was originally posted on November 22, the school district claims to have become aware of it over Thanksgiving weekend.

Watlington pointed out that tolerance trainings have not yet occurred at every school in the district.

"This is an ongoing process. We've worked with NCCJ and the Diversity Office in the past, and events like this tell us we need to redouble our efforts and do even more."

He also pointed out the more tangible steps the school district had already taken.

"The students have been appropriately disciplined according to our code of conduct."
"We also believe that kids who make very bad choices can change and can make improvements and we think it's the role of adults to help kids make those improvements."

In a Twitter reply to the original poster of the video, the school district took a less forgiving tone.

"Guilford County Schools does not tolerate racist behavior."
"Appropriate action has been taken to discipline the students involved."
"We're working to reinforce our district's core values, which include diversity and equity, as well as empathy and integrity."

Twitter was beyond shocked that two young people were capable of such vile words.

Based on feedback from local residents, it seems the school district has their work cut out for them with these tolerance trainings. Some of their students seem to desperately need them.

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