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Miami Woman Shouts Racist Epithets At Hispanic 7-Eleven Employees After She's Asked To Pay For Plastic Cups

An unnamed woman in South Beach, Florida, went to 7-11 with a coupon for a free hotdog.

When she filled two nearby 99 cent cups with condiments, however, she was asked to pay for them.

This was obviously a bridge too far.

The woman launched into a profanity-laced, racist tirade against the store's clerk, Rojas-Hernandez (who is from Cuba).

Woman Targets Miami Beach 7-Eleven Employee With Foul Language Rant

In the video, the customer tells the clerk:

"This is f****** bulls***. Go back to your country. You f*****g Latinos, you suck."
"You're not educated enough. We don't want you here."

She continues by saying:

"Your mother is a prostitute from Colombia. Get the f*** out of here."
"F*** you Latinos, go back to your country."

The clerk responds to the woman, who is speaking with an accent:

"You're not American, either."
"It's because she doesn't want to pay. She doesn't want to pay a dollar for the glass. It's not for free."
"Welcome to America. You have to pay for what you take. That's it."

The woman then leaves, throwing the bird with both hands as she goes.

Police are now looking for the woman, who they describe as between 45-50 years old.

When tempers flare, we sometimes show sides of ourselves that are better left buried.

Hopefully the next time this woman receives a free hot dog, she has the presence of mind to pay for a 99 cent cup without throwing a tantrum!

A minor inconvenience is no reason to spread hate into the world. Any grown up should understand this.

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