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New Jersey State Troopers Pull Driver Out Of Semi-Truck Seconds Before It Explodes In Heart-Pounding Video

Edward Ryer pulls a driver from his cab just before it burst into flames (New Jersey State Police/AP)

Two state troopers in the U.S. pulled a semi-truck driver to safety just seconds before his burning tractor-trailer exploded.

Robert Tarleton had stopped a vehicle in New Jersey on Monday when he saw the truck become engulfed in flames after it hit a guardrail and bridge abutment, state police said.

"He immediately returned the driver's credentials and ran back to his troop car to request for fire and emergency medical services personnel to respond to the crash," state police said.

He drove to the scene of the crash, where State Police Lt. Edward Ryer, who was heading home from work, was trying to rescue the driver.

Police body camera video showed the two troopers worked together to drag the driver from the cab to safety seconds before it exploded.

The driver sustained minor injuries. His name has not been released.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

But people praised the troopers for their quick action.





Including some very grateful members of the truck driver's family.


Things could've ended much worse if it wasn't for the brave actions of these two men. Bravo!