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Video Of Nightclub Trolling Jake Gyllenhaal During Taylor Swift Night Divides The Internet

Video Of Nightclub Trolling Jake Gyllenhaal During Taylor Swift Night Divides The Internet
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images; Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

A bad break-up is one thing. But a bad break-up with a singer-songwriter who expertly mines her heartbreak for an artistic watershed?

Well, that's a whole other ball of wax, as actor Jake Gyllenhaal no doubt learned this weekend when his ex Taylor Swift re-released a new version of an album allegedly partly inspired by her and Gyllenhaal's break-up.

But Swift didn't stop there.

The album re-release not only includes an extended 10-minute version of the song believed to be about Gyllenhaal, "All Too Well," but she also dropped a short film by the same name about the relationship too.

Roll it all together and you have the entire Taylor Swift fandom dragging Gyllenhaal all weekend—including an entire nightclub trolling the guy en masse. And while plenty of people are laughing along, not everyone is seeing the humor.

See video from the nightclub below.


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The video, shot at Los Angeles' The Vermont Hollywood club, which threw a Swift-themed party to celebrate the album drop, features giant video screens showing clips of Jake Gyllenhaal's face while hordes of Swift's fans sing along to her iconic pop-tune kiss-off "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" blaring through the sound system.


Boy, are we glad we're not Jake Gyllenhaal right now. Jake, if you're reading this, stay off the internet for a while.

Swift, who is re-recording all her pre-2019 albums after losing ownership to the originals when her former record company was bought out, dropped her new version of the Gyllenhaal-centric 2012 album, Red, last week.

Swift has never confirmed who any of the songs are about, but fans have long since pieced the story together based on hints in the lyrics and the timing of the album, which dropped shortly after Swift and Gyllenhaal's brief romance, when she was 21 and he was 30, came to a close.

The short film that dropped along with the re-recorded version of Red is full of Easter eggs alluding to Gyllenhaal and Swift's romance too, only making the speculation stronger. And almost immediately, a wave of internet mockery began to roll in Gyllenhaal's direction.

Plenty of people on Twitter thought the whole thing was funny.

But not everyone saw the humor. Many people felt like the hate went way, way too far.








With Swift's next re-recorded release rumored to be the 2010 album Speak Now, which includes the break-up song "Dear John" widely believed to be about John Mayer, it seems unlikely that all this drama on the part of Swift's fans will end any time soon.