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News Anchor Goes Viral After Hilariously Botching His Paper Shuffle


Listen, being a news anchor is hard. Especially if you don't know how to shuffle your paper so you can, you know, read.

Exhibit A, a clip of an ITV presenter has gone viral after he got in to a muddle while doing the traditional end-of-bulletin paper shuffle.

ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship was finishing up Tuesday's lunchtime program when he encountered trouble during the maneuver — eventually resorting to throwing them on the floor when he go frustrated.

And, I'd do the same.

“Impeccable bulletin as ever @chrisshipitv, but worst paper shuffle ever!" fellow ITV presenter Matt Teale shared on a clip.

Newsround presenter Ricky Boleto then shared a clip of himself doing almost exactly the same thing.

“I see your terrible paper #shuffle @chrisshipitv AND I RAISE YOU!" he tweeted.

After the clip captured the attention of Twitter users, Ship followed up with a clip from the next day's bulletin, in which he neatly filed his papers into a folder.

“Can we now move on from that schoolboy #shuffle error…? One is learning from one's mistakes," he tweeted.

But, the internet didn't let it go.

They tweeted some relatable content.

Some were grateful.

Just throw them out.


This is funny.

Better luck next time, Chris!