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Netflix Bingers Are Sick And Tired Of The Streaming Service's Same Old Nagging Question—Because They Already Know The Answer

@moby_d*head and @suorpio/Twitter

Thanks to streaming video services, fans can binge watch an entire episode, an entire season or an entire series.

It's become such a part of popular culture that we all recognize when someone says their binging a show or that they're going to "Netflix and chill."

But some users of that particular streaming website would like the service to chill out and let them binge.

Twitter user Adam Ellis—or @moby_d*head—took to social media with a message for Netflix. With an image of that question displayed on a TV screen, Ellis stated:

"For the last F***ING TIME, the answer is ALWAYS YES"

The question?

"Are you still watching (insert your binge choice here)?"

Ellis' answer resonated with MANY Netflix subscribers.

Are you trying to shame us for our life choices Netflix?

People thought Netflix's concern should lie elsewhere.

One user had special issues with the Netflix question. Thoughts of Cat—@ThoughtsOfCat2—shared how this affects felines.

Some owners do actually leave a streaming service on for their pets to watch or hear while they're out of the house.

Another common use is as a sleep aid.

That question was a problem for those users too.

People suggested a new "binge" setting.

Finally, someone responded that had the answer for why Netflix asks the question.

Netflix asked:

"How can I be sure though?"

If that's the case, Ignacio R. Limón—@ignaciorlimon—suggested they change the question slightly.

Thanks for the concern Netflix, but we're good. We could use a food run though.

Can you hook us up?