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Woman Calls Out Neighbor For Allegedly Laying Out Thumbtacks To Deliberately Hurt Dogs

Woman Calls Out Neighbor For Allegedly Laying Out Thumbtacks To Deliberately Hurt Dogs

A viral video posted to Reddit showed the concerning developments that took place just outside a dog owner's apartment complex.

According to the woman who posted the video, her neighbor, who apparently is no fan of her furry friend, placed thumbtacks all over the grass in the area she regularly takes her dog to do its business outside the building.

Posting the video on Reddit's iamatotalpieceofsh** subReddit, the woman left a lengthy and descriptive caption:

"My neighbor at my apartment complex hates dogs and doesn't want them near his porch so he laid out thumbtacks on the ground (in a common area) to hurt the dogs if they walk on the pine straw near his unit."

In the video itself, she explained the situation further.

"My fu**ing dog stepped on one; they're everywhere. He just dumped an entire thing of thumbtacks everywhere…. Isn't this illegal, y'all? I'm pretty sure it is."

When one commenter asked the Original Poster if she planned to do anything about, she offered a lengthy explanation.

"I want to [press charges] but I don't think I have enough evidence to go to the police. Apartment management told me they can't do anything about it because they don't have evidence that he actually placed the tacks. And I just found out that 50+ (and counting) residents have complained but no one has him on video doing it."
"We all know it's him because he's made it an issue since he moved in. There are some neighbors that don't pick their dog poop up so management put a $100 fine in place for violators. They also posted signs everywhere."

Then she listed his other offenses.

"He put up his own "no dog pee/poop" signs even though management takes them down because he's placing them in an area that belongs to the complex (not his property)."
"Then he installed cameras filming the area where the signs were placed and tacks were eventually found. The tacks also stopped at his property line. The guy totally did it. He's denying it so management asked for the video from the cameras he installed and he claims he accidentally deleted it. More like he's covering his a**."

Other Redditors had very serious concerns.

"This is sick on a lot of levels. I bet you anything dog owners weren't picking up their shit and the smell was constantly coming into his apartment so he did this. It's not the right way to go about it. Harming dogs or children because some people are POS thus becoming an even greater POS." -- Stryker218

"So this is a felony I'm 90% sure. Buddy of mind put some plywood full of nails around his fence to protect his weed grow operation. Turned out it was a serious felony, I'd turn him in." -- chuglife2000

"OP, please ignore the other comments who suggest revenge on this guy."

"Go directly to the police. These are booby-traps; you most likely won't need cameras nor neighbors statements to "prove" that your neighbor put the tacks along his bushes. The very fact that they are meant to harm a person or an animal who comes onto his property is proof enough." -- Final_Candidate_7603

Plenty had ideas for revenge.

"Get a nail magnet. It will pick them up easy peasy. Then, squirt sugar water up the wall, onto the porch to create an ant infestation." -- NerdyToc

"Step on a couple. Go to the hospital to get your tetanus shot as you don't know where they've been. Have the hospital call the police and file a report for assault."

"They'll probably need to investigate a little before taking it, may push it to a memo but it ought to be enough to pull the tapes to catch him placing a booby trap in a common area. There's your charge. Once they investigate, they may throw animal cruelty charges in there." -- Illustrious_Brush_91

"Step 1) walk around bare foot"

"Step 2) step on thumbtack"

"Step 3) sue neighbor and ruin his life"

"Step 4) buy more dogs" -- FreeRangeAlien

With no followup, we may never find out what happens to that tack-wielding neighbor.