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Minnesota GOP Rep. Roasted For Proposal That Counties West Of Twin Cities Join South Dakota


Republican State Representative Jeremy Munson of Minnesota is being mocked by all sides online after introducing a bill to let Minnesota counties west of the Twin Cities defect to South Dakota.

Munson, who is also part of a lawsuit attempting to strip emergency powers from the state's Democratic governor, says he wants to give Western Minnesota the opportunity "to join a state that respects Freedom and Liberty."

Minnesota is a swing state, while South Dakota votes reliably Republican.

Democrats from Minnesota were all for Munson's plan.

By moving a huge chunk of right-leaning counties into a solidly Red state, it would tilt Minnesota even bluer without any added benefit for the Republican party.

Many online encouraged Munson to pack his bags and jump ship whenever he felt like it.

The racial element at play in Munson's proposal was also hard to ignore.

A state representative advocating for his constituents to leave the state might not be a good look come election season.

Like so many other grassroots plans to secede from various states, it's incredibly unlikely Munson's proposal will gain legislative traction.